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People love me: Laura Bozzo

The Peruvian host said that pseudo-leftist countries are afraid of her.
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Peruvian host Laura Bozzo gave an interview to the Spanish newspaper El País in which she claimed to be supported by the people, despite the criticism she has received.

"There is no more democratic institution than TV, you can change the channel anytime. People love me," said the presenter, who added that "God gave me a gift to reach people."

Although Bozzo admitted that her TV show offers participants social aid, she denied that cases are fabricated and said that she is proud of supporting charitable initiatives and journalistic cases.

For example, she will introduce a bill to prevent cases like that of Christopher, a child murdered by other minors when they played to simulate a kidnapping.

About the ban on her program in Ecuador by President Rafael Correa, Bozzo said:

"I am so important that even a president speaks about me. Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, they are all pseudo-leftist countries. It makes me sick. They are leftist but eat caviar. They are afraid of me because I do get to people. In my program there are all kinds of people: ugly, poor ... I am the voice of the voiceless," said the Peruvian presenter, who added that Mexico brought her back to life.


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