Mexican aqueduct to be considered for the World Heritage List

Spain and Uruguay also nominated sites for the list.
The Father Tembleque aqueduct is located between the states of Mexico and Hidalgo. (Photo: Archive/ EL UNIVERSAL)
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Unesco's World Heritage Committee is starting an 11-day meeting in Bonn to consider the 37 sites nominated for the World Heritage List.

Nominees include the cultural landscape wine and the vineyards of La Rioja and La Rioja Alavesa, and the route of Santiago de Compostela in Spain, as well as the aqueduct of Father Tembleque, between Hidalgo and the State of Mexico, and the Cultural Industrial Passage of Fray Bentos, in Uruguay.

Following the inaugural ceremony, the Committee will devote the first days to take stock of the 46 sites that make up the list of World Heritage in Danger and to study the situation of 94 of the 1,007 places that currently make the World Heritage List.

Tomorrow, Unesco will present the "global coalition for the protection of cultural heritage" in the hopes of counteracting "the propaganda of hatred" from terrorist groups in Arab countries.

And starting Friday, the Committee will begin to define the new list of World Heritage Sites with the analysis of the 37 candidates, albeit only 18 came to Bonn with the prior consent of the advisory bodies.

In these moments, the country with the most sites inscribed on the World Heritage List is Italy, with 50, followed by China (47), Spain (44), France and Germany (39), Mexico and India (32), United Kingdom (28); Russia (26) and the United States (22).

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