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Pedophile priest arrested in Jalisco

Father Francisco Javier García Rodríguez abused of an 11-year-old girl.
Francisco Javier García Rodríguez took advantage of a family who provided him with lodging (Photo: ARCHIVE)
Raúl Torres / Corresponsal
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A priest accused of sexually abusing a minor was arrested yesterday by the Office of Attorney General of Jalisco in the municipality of Autlán, according to an arrest warrant.

So far, there are two priests accused of the same crime in that municipality, with Bishop Gonzalo Galván Castillo just resigning yesterday, according to reports from Rome.

The suspect, Francisco Javier García Rodríguez, took advantage of a family who provided him with lodging in order to sexually abuse an 11-year-old girl.

On April 23, the mother of the child denounced García Rodríguez and explained that he was a friend of the family and he was staying with them for the holidays in the town of Punta Perula, in the municipality of La Huerta.

The complainant reported that on February 4 the subject was staying at her house, letting him sleep in the girl's bedroom, and he took advantage of the situation to abuse her.

The next day, he threatened the girl to do the same thing to her little brother if she told her parents.

However, weeks later, the girl told her mother about the incident and she decided to denounce the priest.

The Public Prosecutor ordered physical and psychological examinations to the girl and they confirmed the sexual abuse.

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