21 | MAY | 2019
On her video for 'Good for you' the brassiere is also clearly absent. (Photo: Taken from YouTube)

Selena Gómez 'forgets' her bra again

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The singer and actress seems to have a problem with the upper part of her underwear.

She either has memory problems or she simply does not care, but Selena Gómez has been caugth again with no bra and with revealing clothes to both.

This week, the former girlfriend of Justin Bieber was photographed with her breasts practically showing, and causing quite a stir while walking in the streets.

Last Tuesday, the singer showed herself bra-less in a tight red dress, and on Wednesday she was sporting a white blouse, with more open buttons than perhaps it should.

It seems that the singer and actress of Mexican ancestry simply does not have a good relationship with the upper part of her underwear, at least in regards with what her pictures indicate.

Things get somewhat more explicit on the video for her single "Good for You," where her nipples can be seen under her blouse, and she also appears naked and in the shower.

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