Zacatecas requests emergency declaration for rains

Cattle, housing and many other areas were affected by the rains on June 19.
The army aided the residents of El Bordo. (Photo: Irma Mejía)
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Governor Miguel Alonso Reyes requested that the Ministry of the Interior declares an state of emergency in Zacatecas, due to the damages left in at least 12 municipalities.

The main damages reported by the authorities are in the areas of housing, power outages, drinking water networks and miscellaneous losses, due to the rainfall from June 19.

For example, the municipality of Guadalupe reported damages in the community of El Bordo, where the Panuco river overflowed affecting 230 housing units, and leaving total losses for 30 families.

The residents mentioned that in a period of 10 minutes the overflowing destroyed their belongings and killed their cattle.

The secretary-general of the state Government, Jaime Santoyo Castro, signed the corresponding request to the federal authorities.

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