Carlos Rivera happy with his arrival at Televisa

The former 'La Academia' alumnus stars in 'The Lion King.'
Carlos Rivera is happy with Televisa. (Photo: Archive/EL UNIVERSAL)
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Singer Carlos Rivera denied having a contract with any television network and said that he will take any opportunity and therefore was really happy with the warm welcome of Televisa in his recent participation in the "Me Pongo de Pie" TV show.

"I am very grateful for the aperture and reception of Televisa," he said in an interview.

The star of the musical "The Lion King" pointed out that no singer has exclusive contracts with the networks, and they simply provide a space in order to promote your music.

"I thank Noel (Schajris) for his invitation," he said.

"When Noel invited me to support his team, of course I said 'yes.' I have already listened to them, their voices are very special and we are here simply to give them that extra momentum," expressed the former member of "La Academia".

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