26 | MAY | 2019
Ecatepec firemen come to the aid of the passengers. (Photo: SPECIAL)

Two killed in accident on the Mexico-Pachuca highway

Emilio Fernández
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Seven people are wounded and four are listed in extremely serious condition.

At least two people died and seven more were injured after a public transportation bus crashed into another vehicle in the Mexico City-Pachuca Highway, in the area of the Nuevo Laredo neighborhood.

According to the Civil Protection authorities of the municipality of Ecatepec, the driver of a van crashed into the back of a bus belonging to the Futura company, leaving the Indios Verdes subway station.

The two women who died, in their forties, were in the front of the bus. They have not been identified.

Civil Protection officers, the Fire Department, the Federal Highway Administration, the Red Cross and the Federal Police aided in the rescue operations, even cutting the twisted metal in order to reach the passengers of the bus.

The seven wounded were taken to a hospital in the municipality of Coacalco, and four of them are listed in extremely serious condition.

So far the authorities have not explained the causes of the car accident, which halted normal vehicle flow in the area.

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