'Being independent will help me': Alfonso Martínez

The virtual new mayor of Morelia said that his status as an independent will help him dialogue with all political forces to work together in favor of the municipality.
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Alfonso Martínez, the virtual new mayor of Morelia, said that his status as an independent, far from being an obstacle, will help him dialogue with all political forces to work together in favor of the municipality. 

How you will work with a council that will include representatives of political parties? 

With inclusion, dialogue and consensus. It is as simple as the necessary agreement that must exist between a municipal government of one party and the state government of another party. 

It may be even more simple because since I am an independent, I do not represent opposition, I have a more neutral and comfortable position and I can come closer to reach agreements and work together for Morelia. 

The former member of the National Action Party (PAN), that was federal deputy once and local legislator twice, said that in his team all sectors of society are represented, and attributed his victory to the disappointment of a population that does not feel represented by political parties. 

The inhabitants of Morelia have already been ruled by the three main parties and they have disappointed us. Independence was "cooked" here, so what happened on Sunday is another change that will transform the country's democracy with an independent candidacy, he said. 

He acknowledged that insecurity is the main problem that he will tackle and for that purpose he will follow four lines of action.

The first one is job creation. For that purpose, he will promote the construction of a new industrial park with an investment of up to 300 million pesos (US$19.4 million) that will create up to 20,000 jobs. 

This park would be built in three stages and would take advantage of the strategic position of the municipality. We are three hours away from the port of Lázaro Cárdenas, three hours from Mexico City and Guadalajara, an hour and a half from Querétaro and two from León. We are in the center of the country, but when a new company comes, we have no place for them because we already ran out of space in the current industrial park. 

He explained that this makes Michoacán less competitive than other states and municipalities that even give lands away. He believes that this infrastructure will attract new investment. 

The second line to combat insecurity is greater police presence, because Morelia has 300 police officers only even though at least 1,000 are required. 

We do not want to fight crime, we want to combat it through prevention, he explained.

The third line has to do with the recovery of public spaces. It is not only about building sports fields. We should also organize tournaments for youth and get them involved in taking care of these spaces. We must also offer seniors aerobics or zumba classes, Martinez added. 

Finally, he said that street lighting must be improved with new energy-saving technologies. 

He added that this week he will meet with Michoacán governor Silvano Aureoles to reach agreements in favor of Morelia. 



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