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'Chicharito' gets romantic on Twitter

His future in soccer remains in suspense, but his love life seems to be fine.
Javier Hernández would leave his girlfriend behind if he moves to England or Italy. (Photo: Twitter @CH14 )
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While his future remains in suspense since Real Madrid has not said anything about his permanence in the team, Mexican striker Javier Hernández took advantage of the social networks to express their feelings 'outside the court'.

"They told me that, for making her fall in love with me, I had to make her smile. The problem is that each time she smiles, the one who falls in love is me!", Hernández said in his Twitter account, with a black and white image of his girlfriend, Spanish journalist Lucía Villalón.

The publication generated more than 6,000 comments in support of the Mexican player, who will participate with his national team in the next Gold Cup.

Previously, the girlfriend of "Chicharito" was the one who most poured honey in social networks with constant messages of support for the Mexican, who just a couple of months ago saw a rebound in his soccer career with Real, and then found himself relegated again and "frustrated" by the lack of opportunities.

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