Fernando Carrillo pleads guilty of sexual assault

He will fulfill a year of probation and pay a US$750 fine.
The actor decided to avoid a legal process. (Photo: Archive/EL UNIVERSAL )
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Venezuelan actor Fernando Carrillo will accept the verdict of a judge in Miami and fulfill a year of probation, 250 hours of community work and pay a US$750 fine for a case of sexual assault occurred in 2014, according to his representatives.

The protagonist of soap operas such as "Abigail," "La Dama de Rosa" and "Rosalinda" was arrested in November 2014 after being accused by a security agent of a hotel in Miami of sexual assault, being confined to house arrest ever since.

According to the police complaint, the actor allegedly forced receptionist Beline Castor to kiss him in the lips, but the thespian rejected that version and said that it was only a kiss on the cheek, "as he always greets his fans".

According to their representatives, Carrillo considers "rigid and absurd" the judgment that he will accept in a hearing next May 21, but "refuses to give judge Andrew Hague or the American judicial system the opportunity to imprison another Latino".

He also described the judge as "racist toward Latinos" by imposing judgment "without any kind of evidence or proof against him".

In 1999, the actor was arrested in Miami for possession of narcotic drugs and speeding, and had to pay a US$1,000 fine after spending several hours in a jail in Miami-Dade.

Fernando Carrillo began his career in 1986 with "La Dama de Rosa" and then starred in several soap operas, reaching international fame.

Shareholder of a network of six hotels in Mexico, three of them in the Riviera Maya, during the past decade the actor left the soap operas to dedicate to his businessman role.


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