Pachuca defeats América at the Azteca Stadium

Tuzos defeated Águilas with a score of 4-3 (global score of 7-5) and got a ticket to the semi-finals.
Pachucha celebrating a goal. (Photo: Imago7 )
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It seemed that Aguilas America were on the verge of winning the ticket to the semi-finals. With ten men and only a few minutes remaining int the clock, they managed to turn the score to 3-2 over Tuzos Pachuca.

But the last minute also has 60 seconds. A hand to ball contact by Paul Aguilar gave Tuzos the pass to the semis, turning them into worthy finalists and candidates for the title.

The global score of 7-5 favored Pachuca and Gustavo Matozas faced his first failure as coach of the Águilas.

The first goal, by Pinilla, barely achieved on the 6th minute, simply foreshadowed a maddening game between Aguilas and Tuzos.

Pinilla took advantage of a center by Lozano, and then Bedlam was unleashed. Strategies aside, the team just went looking for the target, the goal, no matter how.

America presented the best of their offensive arsenal, with the exception of Quintero, who is better kept from the rival goal line because sometimes he just stands in the way.

And the Aguilas began the barrage. First with Oribe, but Herrera Equihua made a save, and then Bendetto, but then it was the Rabbit who defended the goal line.

Pachuca kept trying and also kept screwing things up.

Lozano and Gutiérrez, in the middle of a controversy because they should be in Australia with 'El Tri' Under-20, kept America's defense busy, but they did not have concrete results.

Matosas can't take it anymore. Guerrero also suffers from an old injury and that gave more than enough reasons to change him for Darwin.

America was already falling apart, with three against one for the Tuzos and Salinas unable to focus, when Goltz fouled Lozano 32 minutes into the game. The red card rose.

But even so they rose to the occasion. The Aguilas kept on trying and Oribe went for a Chilean kick and scored on the 44.

The goal represented a blow for Tuzos and the second half turned into a matter of life or death for Pachuca.

As soon as the second half began, the Aguilas started their attack. In the middle of the offensive and defensive, Osvaldito kicked outside the area and the ball was deflected and rose to thesecond post, where Paul Aguilar pushed it to the net on the 51.

And America seemed poised to a heroic destiny.

Veteran Ayovi did his magic on the 55 and scored, silencing the Azteca stadium.

On the 87 a free kick for the Aguilas is connected by Ecuadorean Miguel Arroyo.

But on extra time Pachuca still had a lot to do and a penalty kick ends in a goal which sent the heroic actions of the locals to a crashing end, and Pachuca rose as a contender to the title.

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