Alondra and Dorotea are finally reunited

The case ends on a happy note after getting complicated when another girl was forcibly taken to the U.S.
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Alondra will be finally able to be with her mother in the U.S. (Photo: Raúl Tinoco /EL UNIVERSAL )
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It took more than five hours, but Judge Cinthia Elodia Mercado awarded Dorotea García the custody of her daughter Alondra Díaz, putting an end in a case that got complicated when the wrong girl was sent to the U.S.

Alondra and Dorotea left the court without making any comments to the press, under a strong federal police presence.

The case got particularly tricky for the judge when she ordered another 14-year-old girl, Alondra Luna Núñez, to be taken by force to the U.S. after being mistaken for Alondra Díaz García.

A few days later she was returned to Mexico after DNA tests confirmed the mistake.

The decision was taken by Mercado without seeking proper genetic testing to confirm the identity of the girl.

Alondra Díaz was presumably "kidnapped" by her father, Reynaldo Díaz, in 2007.

Díaz is accused of interfering with the child's custody in Houston, Texas.

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