EL UNIVERSAL issues its “Enough is enough” manifesto versus violence against journalists

Mexico’s leading daily published a manifesto in its print edition to take a stand against violence suffered by journalists
Picture of the manifesto published by this daily in today’s print edition /EL UNIVERSAL
EL UNIVERSAL & The Advisory Editorial Board of EL UNIVERSAL
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Violence in Mexico must be reversed. Criminals move almost without restrictions, while frequent aggressions plague the whole of social strata, leaving civil distrust utterly justified.

As the violation of law advances, the fabric of society is gradually withered.

EL UNIVERSAL together with its Advisory Editorial Board, stand in solidarity with Mexican journalists, owing to the recurring aggressions they have suffered, and call on the Mexican society to offer them its steadfast support, in the face of the unacceptable ascent of violence experienced in our country. Criminality has seriously harmed freedom of speech as there is nothing more treasured for people and journalism, than the lives of those entrusted with keeping society informed. Seven journalists have been slain in 2017 alone with crimes against them worsened by impunity.

We demand justice to authorities for this cowardly attacks. It is imperative to expedite the location and punishment of those responsible for these crimes, and yet, succeeding in these efforts would not suffice, as they would only sketch a partial solution to a bigger problem. To put it clearly, behind these homicides there are reports made by journalists on the organized crime, corruption and abuse of power.

If we accept to have these voices silenced, we will risk the fundamental right to information, while the impunity exerted by criminals, corrupt people and those abusing of power will seriously continue to violate our democracy.

The life of a journalist is as precious as that of any given citizen, period. It is not merely to demand privileges specific to a sector, but to demand observance of basic human rights for all Mexicans without exception. The occasion calls for unity around a common cause.

Let us build a unified and sound response stemming from all social levels to prevent primacy of crime and lawlessness.


BEc. Juan Francisco Ealy Ortíz

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of EL UNIVERSAL

Mr. Juan Francisco Ealy Lanz Duret

Director General of EL UNIVERSAL

Mr. Francisco Santiago

Editorial Director of EL UNIVERSAL


Advisory Editorial Board of EL UNIVERSAL

Dr. Juan Ramón de la Fuente Ramírez


BEc. Magdalena Carral Cuevas

MPA. Ricardo Raphael de la Madrid

PhD. Leonardo Curzio Gutiérrez

PhD. Jesús Reyes Heroles G.G.

PhD. Gerardo Estrada Rodríguez

B.A. Ernesto Velázquez Briseño

M.L. Jorge Islas López

PhD. Francisco Valdés Ugalde

PhD. Catalina Pérez Correa


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EL UNIVERSAL lanza un "basta ya" contra la violencia a periodistasEL UNIVERSAL lanza un "basta ya" contra la violencia a periodistas

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